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quote 1I started working with Christine when my baby girl was 10 months old, with the starting goal of reducing the number of nighttime feeds from 2-3 down to 1. A few days into the process, baby girl started a bad teething spell and suddenly weaned herself completely, both day and night time. Having Christine's support and advice during such a stressful time (my baby was also refusing all sippy cups and bottles for a while, so it was difficult to keep her hydrated) was so helpful. When the teething eased up, we were still having issues with several wakings per night (though there were no feedings); but with some problem solving in her daytime schedule, and consistency at night, those gradually shortened and then disappeared, and she is now sleeping through the night! I would definitely recommend Christine's services to anyone considering a sleep consultant.quote 2

Adrienne C.

quote 1When the opportunity came up to work with Chris, my husband and I jumped at it. We were at our wits end trying to get our 11 month old twins to sleep through the night before I had to go back to work. On a good night, I would get a maximum of six hours of (interrupted) sleep. Both, if not one, of the babies was still waking up at least once a night to nurse, plus my three year old, was getting up every time she heard the babies. During the day wasn't any better. I would spend most of the time driving around just so they (and their older sister) would nap. I was exhausted, to say the least.

Working with Chris was a breath of fresh air for us. On the second night of sleep training, I got eight hours of straight sleep for the first time in over a year. I felt like a completely different person!!! What I appreciated the most about Chris was her support and encouragement throughout the whole process. She didn't just listen to me talk about how the night went, but she listened (and inquired) about what other stresses and worries were on my mind so that she could recommend the right sleep plan for our family. I also appreciated how Chris helped to keep me accountable and committed to the plan. It kept us on target to reach our goal of getting the twins to sleep through the night, and now bed time is something I look forward to, not dread.

I can't say thank you enough to Chris for all she did for our family. Every one is sleeping now, and sleeping soundly!quote 2

Erin M.

quote 1Christine worked with my family to help my 5 year old daughter sleep through the night in her own bed. She hasn’t slept all night since the summer and both my husband and myself were exhausted and frustrated. When Christine contacted me I was excited to get some help and some sleep! Christine walked me through a few different scenarios and ideas. Together as a family we made a poster outlining the rules for night time as well as consequences and rewards. We put the poster in my daughters room and for the first couple of weeks we discussed it before she went to bed. I was so excited to try this and was a bit nervous as I didn’t know how my strong willed daughter will do. Well, she slept through the night and continues to do so with some wake ups here and there but NOTHING like it was before I worked with Christine. Christine checked in with me daily to see how things were going and offered any advice or help if I needed to. It was great to have someone like Christine to help me through this difficult time. I am so happy with the outcome and I can’t thank Christine enough!!!quote 2

Stacie W.

quote 1Christine is bringing the life back into our family! Before I met her, our whole family was exhausted. Our 3 year old son had never slept through the night consistently. I heard it was only a phase; he would grow out of it soon but it was getting worse. He was now waking on average 3-4 times a night, frequently 6 times or more. I was feeling hopeless and at the end of my rope. This problem was affecting my quality of life, my parenting and at times, straining my marriage at 3am.

Christine is amazing. She listened, understood and empathized. She provided non-judgemental, educated and strategic approach to our problem. Best of all she gave us options. Her plan is written just as much for the parents as it is for the child. Her daily follow ups, reassurance and support was crucial in our success. Any unexpected issues or questions were immediately answered and the plan was flexible to allow us to be one step ahead of our son's persistent behavior.

In two weeks we have experienced significant improvement in our son. It's really amazing to feel in control and confident in the changes you are bringing to your family. The extra sleep is awesome too! Thank you Christine.quote 2

Katherine P.