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Naps Rescue - 4 to 6 months 


This package is for clients who are having problems with naps only.  Naps can be challenging and this package will help with getting your child back on track to a regular routine during the day. We’ll work with you to resolve any bad habits that may have developed and provide the necessary support to get you and your little one back to blissful sleep.

Speed Me to Slumber

6-12 Months

For new parents looking to get a head start on establishing healthy sleep habits from the get-go, this package is perfect for you. Your brand new little one won’t be sleeping through the night at this stage, because they’ll need to feed to grow. But! By instilling your baby with the right skills from the start, they’ll transition seamlessly into full time sleepers as they grow. You’ll learn age appropriate sleep needs and schedules, how to teach baby the difference between night and day, how to create a safe sleeping environment, strategies to encourage sleep and common sleep issues to avoid. Learn how to build strong sleep skills from the start, so you and baby can expect sleepy bliss.  

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Sleep Dreams

4-12 Months *New clients only

Tight on time and tired of being tired? Want to sleep? Our sleep dreams package is perfect for parents looking to get an easy to follow plan and the necessary support to get you and your baby to bed without drama.  We’ll come up with an individualized sleep plan that outlines techniques and strategies to have you and your child sleeping in no time, and we’ll follow up to ensure that everyone is as rested as planned and if not, make the necessary adjustments to ensure that no one is exhausted.

  • One hour consultation via phone, Skype or Facetime.
  • Customized written sleep plan
  • 1 week follow up
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Sleepy Head Rescue

12 months – 6 years old 

Are you and your toddler exhausted from trying different strategies that don’t stick? Our Sleepy Head Rescue is here to save you and your family by providing professional support and guidance that works. We’ll have everyone in your home sleeping throughout the night, with a customized sleep plan and ample support to break bad habits. We’ll equip you with tools and confidence to conquer challenging sleep habits once and for all.

  • Customized written sleep plan
  • 2 weeks follow up support
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