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Why Sleep Is So Important?

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Healthy sleep allows us to function optimally

We all know the importance of sleep – if we sleep well, we feel good, and we grow and develop properly and stay healthy. Sleep recharges our batteries and gives us the ability to learn, focus on and deal with life issues better.

I’m sure that all of us know how it feels the next day when we have had a bad night and didn’t sleep properly. Children respond in the same way. When a child is overtired they cry more often, behave poorly and will have more temper tantrums.

Although a baby instinctively knows how to suck and sleep, the process of falling asleep and staying asleep is a learned behavior. This is where most parents need help so that they don’t hinder the development of healthy sleep habits. Having an understanding of the changes that occur before they happen can keep you ahead of the game.

The key is to start early to establish good sleep habits for baby so that you don’t have to correct any future issues. This takes knowledge, practice, patience and flexibility on the parents to help children sleep through the night.