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Day Light Saving Sleep Tips

Picture1Here are some simple tips to Help Your Family Breeze Through Day Light Saving Time Change

On March 13, our clocks are springing forward! Here are some simple tips to help you and your family breeze through this time change!

  1. On Saturday night, change your clocks forward an hour. The best and most effective method is to not to change anything to your child’s routine or schedule. You will continue to wake him/her at the same time and he/she will soon adjust to the time change.
  2. Make sure their bedroom is dark with black out curtains. They probably will not be tired, however make sure the room is dark and you are consistent with your routine.
  3. If you want a different option, you can also move the everything (including meals, naps and bedtime) earlier in 15 minutes’ increments starting on Wednesday. That way, by Sunday, their bodies have adjusted.
  4. Enjoy the outside and get moving. The natural sunlight helps reset our natural internal clock and the fresh air will help get those little ones to sleep much quicker!
  5. For those early risers, this could be a gift! As they begin to sleep in later, avoid putting your little ones to bed later as this can lead to night waking's and getting up to early in the morning.