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  • Calgary Expert Sleep Consultants

    Our expert sleep consultants work with you to develop a sleep plan, providing guidance, coaching and support to ensure everyone in your home gets the rest they deserve and need.

    Our founder, Christine Young is a certified sleep consultant and has spent 15 years working with new parents and families.  She has worked with children throughout her career. 

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  • Are You Tired of Being Tired?

    Rest easy, Sleep Made Right helps parents with children who have difficulty sleeping through the night find blissful slumber. Our qualified sleep consultants work with you to create a sleep plan that improves the quality of sleep for your whole family. Fully respective of your individual parenting style, we develop a custom plan for you and your child so that everyone wakes up well rested.

    Want to learn more? Contact us today for a consultation so that you and your whole family can get the rest you need and deserve.

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